Expansion and Innovation – Australia’s Leading Facility

Due to increased customer demand for Bluegum Pharmaceuticals' services, the decision was made to invest in a brand new, significantly larger manufacturing facility, incorporating many novel and industry-leading design points.
Conveniently located close to Sydney Airport and the sea port of Botany, the new manufacturing facility features industry-leading technology.

The facility adds new capabilities with a range of dosage forms including hard shell capsules (filled with powder, beadlets or liquids), tablets (chewable, coated, bi-layer or controlled release), powders and granules.

We offer a fully functional R&D area, with pilot size equipment available to allow manufacture of batches as small as 3kg. Products made in the R&D facility can be used for clinical trials or saleable product.

Current packaging options include a wide range of bottle and jar sizes, and blister format packaging with various cartoning options.

Capacity has been increased through new high-speed equipment and more efficient and effective processes incorporating Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Clean in Place (CIP) technology.

The in-built flexibility of our operation allows us to handle both small and large production runs.

Labelling Sealing Packaging
Multi-language Tamper evident Bottle filling on high speed automated lines
Manual Induction sealing Blister packing with vision checking system
Automated Cap overseal Automatic cartoner
Barcoding Shrink wrapping