Manufacturing Solutions since 1998

Bluegum Pharmaceuticals offers bulk and packaged manufacture as well as tailored manufacturing services applicable to a range of different sized companies, having the unique offering of both large and small batch runs.

Our large modern 7500m2 facility has custom-built production rooms to enable a variety of streamlined manufacturing processes to be undertaken simultaneously.

The product capabilities of Bluegum Pharmaceuticals include:
  • Tablets including coated, bi-layered, chewable and sustained release
  • Unique two piece encapsulation of powders, beadlets, tablets and liquids
  • Capsules including powder and liquid-filled
  • Liquids manufacturing and packaging
  • Bottling including powders, capsules and tablets
  • Blister packaging and cartoning

Brand New Cutting Edge Technology

In an Australian first, Bluegum Pharmaceuticals has acquired unique technology enabling the filling of powders, beadlets, tablets, liquids and combinations of all of these forms, into two piece capsules. The capsules can be bovine (animal) or vegetable origin, overcoming one of the difficulties with liquids in soft gels, as these are typically produced using gelatin from animal skins and bones.

This technology allows for different release profiles in just one dose and the ability to separate ingredients that can compete or destabilise each other when combined. It also allows for the combination of multiple dosage forms in a single capsule dose format, forgoing the need for multiple capsules and tablets, for example, for use in clinical trials.